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Get the entire Belle Bod Program complete with instructional guide and calendar for 20% less!  Whether you work out 2 times a week or 5, we have you covered with a complete program and manual to get your Belle Bod started.  You will receive the following:

Belle Bod Fit

Phase 1 of the Belle Bod Signature Program is a 3 part class. This class includes full body strength exercises, leg work with plie and cardio combinations, booty sculpting, a killer core sequences and a cool down for a 45 minute blast. If you don’t have 45 minutes, don’t stress! Each section can be done on it’s own to target a specific part of your body. Work up to all 3! We recommend the full class 3x a week for maximum results. The first phase of The Belle Bod program creates the perfect base for those looking to strengthen and sculpt. You will loose inches, tone, and tighten.

Belle Bod Fat Burn

Phase 2 is organized to tap into your fat burning zone in a 5 part series. Belle Bod Fat Burn begins with a full body strength sequence, leg work designed to define and lean out your legs, a booty sculpt and burn, followed by intense cardio blasts with plyometric movements. The cardio placement is designed to burn maximum calories! We finish off with core and a cool down. Pick 2-3 sequences and work up to all 5 for a workout that lasts between 15-60min. We recommend the full class 3x a week for maximum results. You will torch calories and burn fat!

Belle Bod X

Belle Bod X and Phase 3 is a true game changer with 55 minutes of high intensity intervals. Burn more calories by hitting it hard with our X program. We alternate all out effort with strength sequences to recover. This class requires light weights, a mini resistance band, and a step (optional). Maximize every second of your workout with this fat-frying plan! Completing high-intensity intervals can raise your metabolic rate for 14 whole hours. You will be your strongest self with X!

Belle Bod Express

These bonus sequences can be completed on their own or add them on to your existing program and focus on building your own Belle Bod!

Pair 2-3 express sequences together and you’ll be sweating in half an hour or less. Perfect for Belles who are travelling or crunched for time! We also recommend adding 1-2 sequences on to your Belle Bod Fit or Fat Burn program for that extra burn.

Each sequence is under 15 minutes:

Belle Bod Upper Body – define your arms with our upper body blast! Start with 2.5 lbs. and move to 3 lbs. handheld weight for an added challenge.

Belle Bod Booty – sculpt your backside with this booty burn!

Belle Bod Legs – get the long lean lines of a dancer with our leg series!

Belle Bod Core – whittle your waist with our core combinations!

Belle Bod Cardio Part 1 – get your heart pumping with our express cardio blast!

Belle Bod Cardio Part 2 – switch up your routine with our sweat worthy cardio sequel!

Your strongest self starts now!

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Please note: Belle Bod videos are provided to you as digital video files in the MP4 video format. The video files are stored within ZIP files you will download after your purchase is completed. If you require help playing back our video or would like to know more about the requirements to view our videos – please visit our Video Help Page for more information.