You don’t have to be a dancer to look like one!  Start The Belle Bod program and we’ll get you there.  Our three part system is fast, effective, and fun!

The Belle Bod program is a complete fitness system with strength and cardio components that will tighten and tone.  Based in dance principles, this system is accessible to all levels of fitness and designed to get you the results you’ve always wanted. Expect high repetition with light weights, sequences with mini resistance bands, and dynamic movements to help create long lean lines.

GET FIT in Phase 1!

BURN FAT in Phase 2!

BE YOUR STRONGEST SELF with our highest intensity program, Phase 3!

EXPRESS BELLE BOD will fit any schedule!  Mix and match your workouts whether you have less than 15 minutes, or up to 60!

2.5 – 3lbs handheld weights
A mini resistance band (available here)
Toe sox (available here)
Get your Belle Bod now!

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