Having Trouble Viewing the Video?

In order to properly experience the Belle Bod Program – you need to download the video files you purchased. The download links to the video files are delivered to you via email once your order is completed. Each Video is contained within a zip file that will need to unpacked once downloaded. While most computers can handle zip files easily – please ensure you have a tool that can open zip files so that you are able to extract the video file from the zip file. Please note that each video file is over 100MB in size on average so take that into account when trying to download. We would highly recommend you only download one video at a time to prevent possible network issues.

The videos are provided to you in MP4 video format and are meant to be viewed within a Video player on your Computer/Device. MP4 is a universal video format standard and is highly supported by a wide variety of players including and not limited to Quicktime, VLC and Windows Media Player and can be played on tablets, phones and TV media centers such as AndroidTV, Roku and AppleTV. However before trying to play the video – please check that your player and device can support MP4 video files as some older video players and/or devices may not be able to play the MP4 video format.

While most tablets and phones are able to download and play video files – some devices (depending on the age, security settings, operating system, available players, browsers and other factors) may have challenges when trying to download and play the video – especially if the device tries to play the video within a browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer) rather than downloading it directly as a file for future playback.

As such we HIGHLY recommend you download the videos first to your computer and then transfer the video to the device you wish to play the video on through its respective application such as iTunes and Android File Manager. For more information please consult your devices user guide and/or manufacturer’s website on the proper methods to transfer an MP4 video file to your respective device for playback. Or you can always google it 🙂

While we can’t provide specific support for your device and assistance on how to transfer the video files to that device – if you are experiencing significant issues trying to download and play the video – please feel free to contact us – and we will do our best to point you in the right direction.